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Squadron Patch Heraldry

Squadron Patch

Lapeer MI-276 “Semper Amplians”

Lapeer Composite Squadron has a rich history of developing the leaders of tomorrow and promotes a culture of family and support for all members. The patch was designed by C/2d Lt CJ Muntean, who served as the Cadet Commander from 1-Oct-2017 to 1-Oct-2018. This patch was modified by Maj Luke Rondeau, Commander of Lapeer and finalized by Capt. Jessica Bowden, Deputy Commander of South Oakland Cadet Squadron. This patch was approved 27-August-2018 by Col Curtis Boehmer, MIWG Commander (2014 – 2018).

Patch Emblems

When creating patches and writing heraldry, every component of the patch means something. This includes the smallest of details to the biggest emblems. The meaning of our patch emblems is as follows:

  • The text on the top of the scroll will ready “Semper Amplians” and will be in all capital letters and the color of the text will be white. “Semper Amplians” loosely translates to “Always Improving”. This is because we, as members of the Lapeer Composite Squadron will always look for ways to improve ourselves and our unit. We will never stop seeking the next improvement to make ourselves and our squadron great.

  • The 6 yellow starts represent the 6 Wings in the Great Lakes Region. The star at the top of the patch (referred to as the Chief position) will represent the Michigan Wing of the Civil Air Patrol, as that is our home Wing.

  • The Spartan helmet represents the Warrior Spirit and is in the center of the patch (the position of honor). This represents the Warrior Spirit in all members, both current and past.

  • The Roman numeral IV will represent the 4 core values of CAP: Respect, Integrity, Excellence and Volunteer Service.

  • The Red Cross represents CAP’s humanitarian mission of Emergency Services, specifically when aiding those in our community, state, and nation in their time of need

  • The text on the bottom of the scroll will read “Lapeer MI-276” and shows our unit name and official charter number.


  • Red represents the passion and determination in execution of all 3 CAP missions: Aerospace Education, Cadet Programs and Emergency Services

    • Red also represents the determination of our ES personnel to save lives when used inside of the cross.

  • Black represents the seriousness of our congressionally chartered missions and the impact it has on our members lives.

  • Light Gray represnts the balance that the squadron strives to achieve. Balance in our missions, personal and group growth, and the balance between CAP and home lives. We achieve more when our lives are in balance

  • Dark Gray represents the strength of our members and alumni. It also represents the strength of the support our parents and spouses have for their CAP members. It reminds all that wear the patch that CAP required the dedication of not only the member, but the parents and spouses who support their CAP member.

  • White represents our attempt to strive for perfection in everything we do. It also denotes the good we try to do for our community, state, nation, and fellow members.

Original Patch Holders

The original patch holders are members (both current and alumni) who were active in the squadron when the patch was approved. The original patch holders list is as follows:

Cadet Members:

  • Riley Bauer

  • McKenna Bienkowski

  • Corey Brandt

  • Collin Brandt

  • Noah Corbett

  • Branden Haynes

  • Logan Johns

  • Matthew Kilburn

  • Aubrey King

  • Carl J Muntean

  • Jacob Szatkowski

  • Nathan Szatkowski

  • Sydni Thorne

  • Hayley Werth

  • Javier Sanchez

Senior Members:

  • Robert Aidif

  • Maria Bauer

  • Carl D Muntean

  • Cara Muntean

  • Joseph Parker

  • Robyn Parton

  • Jillian Rondeau

  • Luke Rondeau

  • Angela Thorne

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