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Squadron Cadet Staff

Cadet staff are selected on a rotating term basis and are appointed to their positions after an evaluation and interview during the application process. As of 2019, the following cadets serve on staff.

Cadet Commander

C/CMSgt Nathan Szatkowski, CAP

In his role, C/CMSgt Szatkowski oversees the execution and success of the cadet program. C/CMSgt Szatkowski has held a variety of positions inside the unit and has served as a course instructor and lead for the Michigan Search and Rescue Academy (Medic Course). C/CMSgt Szatkowski directly oversees 1 cadet officer and 1 senior non-commissioned officer and is advised by 1 cadet officer. C/CMSgt Szatkowski indirectly oversees 2 non-commissioned officers. C/CMSgt Szatkowski reports to the Deputy Commander of Cadets, Maj Jill Rondeau

C/CMSgt Szatkowski also serves as the cadet emergency services non-commissioned officer.

Flight Commander

C/2d Lt Collin Brandt, CAP

In his role, C/2d Lt Brandt assists the Cadet Commander in the overall execution and success of the cadet program and is the backup to the cadet commander. C/2d Lt Brandt directly oversees 1 senior non-commissioned officer indirectly oversees 2 non-commissioned officers. C/2d Lt Brandt has served in a variety of positions inside the unit and also has served as the cadet deputy commander for the 2019 Cyber Academy that Michigan wing hosted. C/2d Lt reports to the Cadet Commander.

C/2d Lt Brandt also serves as the cadet information technology officer and 2019 - 2020 Cyber Patriot team captain.

Flight Sergeant

C/SMSgt Riley Bauer, CAP

In his role, C/SMSgt Bauer assists the flight commander in the actual execution of the cadet program and is the backup to the flight commander. C/SMSgt Bauer directly oversees 2 non-commissioned officers. C/SMSgt Bauer was previously an element leader before being appointed as the squadron flight sergeant.

C/SMSgt Bauer has participated and served as lead rifle for the 2018 and 2019 squadron color guard.

Element Leader(s)

C/SSgt Hayley Werth, CAP
C/SSgt Sydni Thorne, CAP

C/SSgt Werth and C/SSgt Thorne assist the flight staff in the execution of the cadet program, focusing directly on the training and motivation of the cadets under their charge. Each of these non-commissioned officers are directly in charge of those cadets under them, which can range based on the size of the unit. Both of these non-commissioned officers have not served on staff before. 

C/SSgt Werth currently serves as the 2019 squadron color guard commander

C/SSgt Thorne currently serves on the 2019 - 2020 Cyber Patriot competition team

Adviser to the Commander

C/1st Lt Carl (CJ) Muntean, CAP

In his role, C/1st Lt Muntean serves as an adviser to the cadet commander. Having been the previous cadet commander, C/1st Lt Muntean assists the cadet commander in administrative items and helps execute the cadet program. C/1st Lt Muntean does not have any direct or indirect staff. C/1st Lt Muntean has served in a variety of roles in the unit and in the wing.

C/1st Lt Muntean currently serves as the cadet emergency services officer and is an active participant in the Michigan wing glider program.


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