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Schleicher ASK-21

Schleicher ASK-21

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L/D Max 35 85 kph 46 kt 53 mph
MinSink 0.65 m/s    


Aspect Ratio 16.1  
Span 17 m 55.77 ft
Area 17.95 sq.m 193.21 sq.ft
Empty Weight 360 kg 794 lbs
Payload 240 kg 529 lbs
Gross Weight 600 kg 1323 lbs
Wing Load 31 kg/sq.m 6.34 lbs/sq.ft
Water Ballast 0 kg 0 lbs

General Details

Manufacturer Schleicher
Plane Name ASK-21
Classification Unclassified
Country of Origin Germany
Designer Rudolf Kaiser
Airfoil Wortmann FX-S0 2-196 and FX-60 - 126
Structure Fiberglass and foam wings, fiberglass honeycomb sandwich fuselage and tail


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