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Cessna 182T

Cessna 182T

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Lycoming IO-540-AB1A5 Rated 230 Horsepower


100/100LL minimum grade aviation gasoline

Engine Limits

2400 RPM


McCauley Constant Speed

Propeller B3D36C431/80VSA-1 (3 blades)  
Diameter Not over 79 in. Not under 77.5 in
Pitch Settings @ 30 in. sta. Low = 14.9 Degrees High = 31.7 Degrees
McCauley Spinner D-7261-2  
McCauley Governor DC290D1/T8  
Propeller Limits Not over 2400 Not Under 2300


Airspeed Limits (182T)

Maneuvering 110 Knots IAS 108 Knots CAS
Max Structural Cruising 140 Knots IAS 136 Knots CAS
Never Exceed 175 Knots IAS 171 Knots CAS
Flaps Extended 100 Knots IAS 99 Knots CAS


Maximum Weights

Maximum Ramp 3,110 lbs
Maximum Takeoff 3,100 lbs
Maximum Landing 2,950 lbs


Number of Seats


Maximum Baggage

82.0 to 109.0 inches aft of datum 120 lbs
109.0 to 134.0 inches aft of datum 80 lbs


Fuel & Oil Capacity

Capacity of Fuel 92 gallons (88 gallons usable)
Number of Tanks 2 (46 gallons each)
Capacity of Oil 9.0 quarts (5.0 quarts usable)



Federal Aviation Administration, D. of T. (2009, April 20). Type Certificate Data Sheet No. 3A13. Retrieved January 22, 2020, from$FILE/3A13 Rev 69.pdf


The data provided above is for educational purposes only and should not be used for flight operations or air worthiness. This data is considered "as-is" and may not reflect current FAA Type Certificate Data Sheet (TCDS) information. If data is incorrect, please contact a member of the Glider Operations staff to correct.

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