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MIWG Glider Program

Michigan Wing Glider Program!

The Lapeer Composite Squadron is happy to announce that Dupont Lapeer Airport is the new home of the Michigan Wing Glider Program!

The overall goal of the MIWG glider program is to provide orientation flights (O-Flights) to cadets between the ages of 12-18 in 2 gliders assigned to MIWG. Currently we fly the Schweizer SGS 2-32 and the Schleicher ASK-21. Our tow plane is a Cessna 182T. We also attempt to provide powered O-Flights to cadets based on aircraft ability. Our location in Lapeer, MI provides beautiful sights while flying above the county and also provides easy of access to maintenance facilities for our fleet.

We attempt to fly as often as we can based on weather, but normally shoot for 2 weekends a month. Dupont Lapeer airport offers a cozy flight lounge and access to snacks, drinks and facilities including WiFi. It is also 5 minutes from the City of Lapeer that offers a wide variety of dining options.

More information about our aircraft can be found under the "MIWG Glider Program" tab in the menu above.

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