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Physical Fitness Records

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Physical fitness is a core aspect of the Civil Air Patrol cadet program. Cadets are evaluated on their physical fitness and receive instruction on healthy living, healthy eating, avoiding drugs & alcohol and mental health. To pass PT cadets must obtain a certain number of repetitions or time in a variety of workouts. These workouts include:

  • 1 Mile Run
  • PACER Run
  • Curl-Ups
  • Push Ups
  • Sit & Reach

Cadets are encouraged to go above and beyond the requirement for their age and gender. Those who hold the highest score are reflected on this page. See below for a breakdown of each year's records

1 Mile Time Record

PACER Record

1st Lt Carl J (CJ) Muntean - 91 laps

Curl-Up Record

Push-Up Record

Sit & Reach Record


Listed below are the awardees of various Physical Fitness awards given out at the end of the year

Fleet Foot (Fastest overall time - Mile Run)

2020 - 

PACER Master (Most repetitions of the PACER test)

2020 - 

Curl-Up Award (Most repetitions of the curl-up in 60 seconds)

2020 - 

Ground Mover Award (Most repetitions of the push-up test)

2020 - 

Semper Gumby Award (Most flexible based on sit & reach score)

2020 - 

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