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About Us:

The Lapeer Composite Squadron Cadet Corps is comprised of young men and women that range from 12 to 20 years of age. These cadets come from various walks of life but all have one goal in mind; serving their community, state, nation and improving themselves as leaders to prepare themselves for the future.

The Cadet Program is staffed by senior adults who are passionate about youth education and preparing these young individuals for the future. Most cadets either leave the squadron to join the US Military, are accepted into a US Military Academy, or go to college to further their education. 

The Cadet Program is commanded by Major Jill Rondeau. Maj Rondeau has been a member since 2005, where she was a cadet and earned up to her Ira Eaker award (C/LtCol). She has held positions as director of the Great Lakes Region Cadet Leadership School, Assistant Deputy Commander of Cadets for Willow Run Composite Squadron and Deputy Commander of Cadets for Selfridge Composite Squadron and Owosso Composite Squadron. She is a long-time alumni of Lapeer Composite Squadron where she earned her Eaker award and became a senior in 2012. Outside of the unit Maj Rondeau serves as a cadet programs officer for Michigan Wing.

Are you up for the Challenge?

Cadets who join the Civil Air Patrol are pushed to better themselves both physical, mentally, and academically in a safe and challenging environment. All CAP activities have at minimum 2 senior adults supervising the activity. The goal is to push cadets outside of their normal “bubble” and build confidence and experience. If you’re ready for the challenge, click HERE and contact the unit commander to get started

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